Sky Social

Customers only engaged with Sky’s social channels to air their gripes and grievances.

So we relaunched them with a 2-month calendar of posts playing off what was happening on Sky and the wider world. We also made far more use of video, gifs, quizzes and memes – to reflect the fact our posts came from an entertainment brand.

At the end of the trial, we’d had such a positive effect on customer engagement that Sky handed us their brand social activity for good.

Creative Direction/Copywriting
Sky Brand

A quiz for Trubies – True Blood fans

It ran over a couple of weeks with prizes of Box Sets and True Blood memorabilia to be won.

A GIF to promote the new series of drama Banshee

Gif to promote ‘Non-stop’, starring hard man Liam Neeson

GIF showing range of content on Sky that month

8-bit animation to promote ‘Superheroes Week’ on Sky Movies

To publicise Tom Hanks Week on Sky Movies, we asked people to name the films relating to the hats

GIF to announce premiere of movie Non-Stop